Lefty Beer

Amstel Light
Idea: Utilizing an existing partnership with pro-golfer Phil Mickelson, celebrate and recognize all left-handers with a limited edition beer and mobile pop-up bar, inspired by the ultimate lefty himself.   

*spec work*

CW: Haley Finch

Bang! It’s Tang

Idea: Show internet-savvy kids how instant orange-flavored powder can change things quickly.

*student work*

CW: Stephen Litner


X Games
Idea: Create a spoof program inspired by D.A.R.E. for the X Games to get people to do the opposite of what you tell them to.

*student work*

CW: Joel Austin

Voting Stickers

Idea: Scratch n’ sniff voting stickers featuring AXE’s signature scents.

*spec work*

CW: Mandy Caruso